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The 18-year-old spent the next four years
  2019-05-06 15:53:27

Akers-Jones embarked on a long journey to the other side of the world after he boarded a steamship for Bombay in London in 1945.

As the university of hong kong committed to leading research

The 18-year-old spent the next four years travelling around the ports of Southeast Asia. After graduating from Oxford University, he joined the Malayan colonial civil service in 1954 where he learned to read and speak Chinese. It was a skill that would prove valuable three years later when the end of British rule in Malaya prompted another move.

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“I didn’t travel as far as China when I was a merchant navy officer. I was offered either a short stay in another British colony in Africa or a transfer to Hong Kong,” he said. “Now was a chance to come to Hong Kong and see China.”


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