Sick - WordsTaste
  2017-08-30 10:03:19
I have been a little sick,in physiology and in psychology.At the off work time yesterday afternoon,a mild stomachache punch me thus I left my seat late after drinking some hot water.I reckoned it would have an improvement but it developed the reverse.It had been an abnormal feeling until the body sleep deadly.
From the perspective of sleeping quality,it has a mutual effect with minding.Sometimes I get tired of self-discipline,it should not be,I don't understand why it happen,but it was.I'd like to do something what people may think it's bad deliberately to break the rules which called self-discipline in my heart.Just like a fragile vase,frightened to be damaged,people protect it carefully,however a cat hide in my brain,all the rest informed me,with a charming resistless voice:why not try to break it down?imagine the beauty of fragments!
It is called bottleneck?I could insist on a 5 kilometers runing which could not when I was in high school.First the environment being loose that I don't have to finish it in a certain time.Second person vary largely when they aged to some extent.Wasting time to let me know it is not feasible,may I find the reason and change.
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