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Flower Dance
  2017-08-03 18:17:02
Monday of this week,my parents agreed to provide financial support with my studying aboard.Thanks god,I used to label myself as a slum girl, the changing of their attitude just like winning a lottery to me.
To be honest,I had dreamt the dream about study aboard,whatever Europe,North America,Australia or Japan,go and see a different world is always a fantastic experience.However I had no chance at that time and I known.Without outstanding talent in studying,especially what I majored,the fact I faced is back home meanwhile said congratulations to my schoolmates who gained the chance to be educated in University to get their master degrees.
Yet now I was given this second chance,DO not let it slip away.Thus I decide to log in this web,talk to somebody,maybe only myself in English,aiming to improve.I have confidence in language,it once had been the best subject in my high school.
Since my goal is not earn any tears...forget the words above and make a records about what I addicted in .....

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